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What Is Psychotherapy

In Psychotherapy, a Licensed Professional collaborates with a person who seeks treatment to improve specific areas such as relationships, mood, and/or functioning (energy, focus, academic achievement etc.). Through exploring thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a safe context, people can heal from painful experiences and learn new ways to cope with stressors to bring about positive change.

Important Factors In Choosing A Therapist

In some ways, finding a good-fit therapist can be like finding the right pair of shoes. Therapy is a journey and you want to feel supported the entire way. Factors to consider: 

1. Does the therapist's approach make sense to me? 

2. Does the therapist specialize in the area I would like to work on? 

3. Do I think I could open up to this person? 

4. What is my "gut" telling me? When I take a deep breath, and quiet my
 mind, what answer do I hear?   

5. Remember, you can always change therapists. It's okay to "shop
around" for the right fit. You and your child deserve i


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