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For The Young and The Busy: Five Ways to Practice Mindfulness on The Go
by Lily (Warner) Leiber, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, published February, 2017

"Art Heals" documentary aired on MNN
Interviews with Lily (Warner) Leiber and others on Art and Autism. ​Aired January, 2017

 5 Tips To Staying Sane and Dare I Say It, Serene, During This Holiday

Lily (Warner) Leiber MPS ATR-BC LCAT, published November, 2016

Art Therapy: 4 Ways Creativity Can Help You Heal from the Inside, Out
by Lily (Warner) Leiber, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, published on, the world’s largest media company for the wellness industry on April, 2015 

#5 on Friday Interview with Art Therapist Lily Leiber
Interview with Lily (Warner) Leiber, published March, 2015 ​

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Member, New York Art Therapy Association 

New York State Office of The Professions Consumer Information
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Women's Mental Health Consortium
Group of Mental Health Clinicians, Doctors, and Researchers dedicated to addressing emotional and psychiatric needs of women  

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